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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising platform, which is made up of the Google search engine, search partners, the Google Display Network, audiences, websites, videos, YouTube channels, mobile apps, and more. Advertisers can utilize Google Ads to drive targeted traffic to their website, which can help increase conversions such as leads and sales.

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How Does Google Ads Work?

First of all, we have to set up a Google Ads campaign. The next thing we should do is choose the most relevant keywords for your business. There are helpful free keyword research tools like the Google Keyword Planner. In addition, we think carefully about words and phrases that we potential customers will use when they start searching for your products and/or services.

The main purpose of Google Ads is to match your keywords with the ads and website landing pages that we create. Then, your ad may show up while somebody is searching for your targeted words and terms. On the Display Network, your ads can appear based on your targeted audiences or websites that are related to your business.

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How do Google Search Ads Work?

When it comes to search network campaigns, Advertisers target and bid on keywords that they want to match to potential customer’s search terms. Advertisers can create ads and landing pages that match closely to their targeted keywords. Advertisers are charged when people click on their advertisements. Advertisers are not charged unless someone clicks on their ad.

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How Do Google Display Ads Work?

Advertisers can use audience targeting or content targeting to reach people as they browse specific websites, watch YouTube videos, or use mobile apps. The Google Display Network allows advertisers to target relevant audiences as they browse the internet. Your display ads can drive traffic back to relevant landing pages on your website that sell your products and services.

Where do Google Ads Show?

There is a major difference between paid ads and organic search results. Google Ads appear on the top or the bottom of the Google search results. The ads are ranked according to the Ad Rank factors above.

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Google Gmail ads

Gmail Ads, and they are a form of Google Display Ads that are targeted only to people's Gmail inboxes, specifically in the Social tab and the Promotions tab. Since Email Marketing is one of the best ways to drive additional customers, sales, leads, and conversions, running Email ads is a great strategy. In addition, you can take advantage of Google Display Ads targeting including Keywords, Remarketing, Similar Audiences, In-Market Audiences, Custom Intent Audiences, Life Events, Affinity Audiences, Detailed Demographics, and Demographics.