So we don’t just Design website, we make sure that your website has a Goal to succeed. How? we always analyze the context of the website turns it to a copywriting =Copywriting  is to writing context that will motivate or persuade someone to buy or need your services.

Things that make your website rank higher on Google 


> How many people who spent more than 3 minutes on your website 

  • This present that people are engaging with your website the love what you do 
  • >We Set A goal of if people who multiples pages of your website
  •  This can help to identify what most people like on your website  
  • >We install Facebook pixel on your website 

What is a Facebook pixel is a software tool that analyzes every one who is going to visit or visited your website 

  • So it helps to do the Retargeting market which means everyone o has visited your website pages will see those Facebook ads again.
  • > We also analyze who people who visited your website & Which pages are losing rank & and come up with new Context.